End-to-end design and architecture deployment

Many leading companies today are using Scala. They include Twitter, LinkedIn and Xerox, to name a few. Our consultants rely on years of exerience with Scala  to help your company develop powerful and mission-cricitcal software too.

Scala Adoption Planning

Have you identified Scala as the right choice for your organization? Our consultants can help ensure that your development team is leveraging the power of Scala in the most efficient manner.

Scala Web Migrations
Ready to migrate from your old development environment to Scala? Our consultants can help you make the most seamless transition possible and to begin to quickly leverage the benefits of Scala development.


Monadic Design Patterns for the Web® via Scala

A 2 Day Hands-on Workshop on Monadic Design Patterns for the Web via Scala. Participants will gain hands on experience building an end-to-end web application using monadic techniques. They will develop practical intuition of the monadic abstractions by employing them in each stage of a web application from IO to middle-tier and business logic to storage access. Participants will be expected to code and should come with laptop or netbook (or both!).
Instructor: Greg Meredith

Target Audience:
On average the modern programmer building an Internet-based application is dealing with no less than a dozen technologies. They are attempting to build applications with nearly continuous operation, 24x7 availability servicing 100's to 1000's of concurrent requests. They are overwhelmed by complexity. What the professional programmer really needs are tools for complexity management. The principle aim of this workshop is to serve that need in that community. While everyone is welcome, those with  2+ years  experience with functional programming  would benefit the most.

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On-Site Training

Biosimilarity offers on-site training. We will customize our materials to the needs of your company. If interested in holding a training session in your organization, please let us know!

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